Gravity Casting Types and Precautions

Understanding of Gravity Casting

Gravity casting is a popular manufacturing method in contemporary technology, and many manufacturers and consumers choose to use gravity casting because of the high value of its products. The internal pores of gravity casting are few and can be heat treated in use. The strength of the product after heat treatment can be greatly improved, even exceeding that of die-casting. The density of the product is low. With the help of liquid self-weight forming, the density of the product is slightly lower than that of die-casting, and its strength is slightly weaker, but its elongation is very high.

The surface smoothness of gravity casting is not high. The casting products of gravity casting are very likely to produce indentations similar to shot blasting on the surface after cooling and shrinkage. The filling is slow, and the production efficiency is low. Its production efficiency is only about a quarter of that of high-pressure casting, which results in high product costs. The mold life is longer than die-casting, and the mold cost is lower.

Gravity casting is a very high-quality product and is very necessary in reasonable use. Many places in daily life choose to use gravity casting. The value of the product itself is very high, and such products are also widely used in the areas where we live, especially the new energy vehicles that we use more now. The quality and manufacturing of the products have a greater impact.

What are the casting types of gravity casting?

Types of Gravity Casting

Generally, apart from pressure casting and centrifugal casting, most other forging methods are gravity casting, such as sand casting, investment casting, and lost foam casting, etc.

The Mold Parting Principle of Metal Mold Gravity Casting

The mold parting principle of metal mold gravity casting includes:

The parting surface should be avoided as much as possible to be curved surface, as this will make the mold processing more complicated and increase the processing procedures, leading to a decrease in the size accuracy of the casting.

The flash direction should be considered to carry out the deflashing work in order not to affect the operation efficiency.

The machining datum point should be placed on a model as much as possible, and should not be placed on the parting surface to avoid errors, resulting in size errors.

The problem of gas extraction should be considered. When filling the mold with molten metal, to prevent the gas from not being discharged, causing problems.

For the parts with more damage, parting should be paid attention to.

Precautions for Gravity Casting

Gravity casting must to a certain extent do a good job of fire prevention measures in the workshop. The fundamental reason is that the red casting and the splashing steel water, once encountered with the body, can cause burns. Once encountering inflammable materials or explosive materials, and if not careful in the production process, it may cause burns by melted liquid metal.

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