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As OEM suppliers, we know it's critical that we stay in front of changing market conditions, and remain flexible as well. We think the best answer is our engineers and our development ability. Over the decade, our engineers and technical team work together with our customers, which has ensured the successful completion of hundreds of china stainless steel investment casting projects.

In our company, we have a laboratory equipped with new test and analysis instruments. It helps combine our extensive experience and development ability to support our customers' increasing requirement for casting works. Also, we have built up a standard procedure that involves the engineering design, scene management, technical assistance, and following up carried out throughout the entire manufacturing process including semi solid die casting. Our engineers and technicians are regularly assigned to go out to study and attend professional meetings. A culture of innovation and creativity is encouraged among the employees of Rayforce.

Our proficiency in casting methods includes:

• Low-pressure permanent mold

• Sand casting

• Investment lost wax

• Zinc/aluminum alloy casting

• Precision investment casting

• Engineered die casting and secondaries

• Computer-aided design of casting and tooling

• 3-D CAD design services

• Brass/bronze casting

• CNC banking, forming, and laser cutting

• Welding, assembly, powder coating, painting

• Solution for machined ferrous/non-ferrous casting requirements

• And more…

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Apr 27,2023

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