How Much Do You Know About Sand Casting?

1. Sand casting process

Sand casting process has existed for thousands of years. Whether in terms of producing molded parts which are under one pound or metal parts weighing thousands of pounds, sand casting process is the preferred casting process. Due to the low cost of mold, sand casting process has many uses and can generate high returns, even in the case that the yield is low. Sand casting process can be used to manufacture castings with beautiful appearance and compliant core. Almost any metal alloy can be cast by sand casting process.

2. Advantages of sand casting process

Sand casting process is one of the few casting processes available for metals with high melting point such as steel, nickel and titanium. Sand casting process is currently the most widely used casting process because of its good flexibility, good heat resistance, and relatively low cost.

3. Casting sand

Casting sand (an aggregate of sand, coal powder, bentonite and water) is a special industrial sand that is often used in the sand casting process. Nowadays, with the rapid development of modern chemistry, silica has become the most widely used casting sand. Compared with other casting processes, the sand casting process has three important advantages, namely: low price, recyclability and good heat resistance.

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