Aluminum Casting

Aluminum is a lightweight metal with silvery-white color. Because of its chemical features, aluminum never exists in the metallic form in nature. But aluminum compounds are abundant, and with the development of modern extraction technology, now aluminum becomes one of the most widely applicable non-ferrous metals. The casting process is one of the major methods applied to form the aluminum into the required product.

The basic method of aluminum casting molding is relatively similar to iron casting, sand casting such as sodium silicate sand casting, and die casting. There're other techniques such as lost foam and lost investment casting methods. And these methods also are used by the foundry to apply to some specific demands, but only in fewer cases.

Rayforce casting manufacturing company uses state-of-the-art equipment to offer the aluminum casting product with great flexibility and competitive price for our clients. The production method by green sand and lost investment casting is able to make all size and complexity model products, with beautiful surface quality, and fast delivery from prototype to finished product.

aluminum investment casting

Features of Manufacturing Aluminium Die Casting Products

High pressure and high speed filling die-casting aluminum type are the two main characteristics of making aluminum die-casting products. It is a commonly used pressure injection ratio from thousands to tens of thousands of kPa, even up to 2 × 105 kPa. The filling speed is about 10 ~ 50m/s. Sometimes even up to 100m/s or more. The filling time of injection die casting is very short, generally in the range of 0.01~0.2s.

With strict inspection, Rayforce provides high-quality products for customers at a reasonable aluminum die-casting price.

Advantages of Aluminum Casting Alloys

Aluminum casting alloys have some unique advantages compared with other castings like squeeze die casting, such as beautiful, lightweight, and corrosion resistance, which makes them widely favored by users, especially since they are lightweight automobiles. Aluminum casting alloys have been widely used in the automotive industry. The density of aluminum cast alloy is smaller than cast iron and cast steel, while the specific strength is higher. 

Aluminum casting alloys have many advantages, which makes them become the development direction of the casting industry and one of the most popular casting products for customers purchasing. In the future, with the progress of aluminum casting alloy technology in aluminum casting foundry, it will show itself on a bigger stage.

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