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At the forefront of the iron castings industry, Rayforce offers educational opportunities for our engineer team to see and learn about the latest casting technology from around the world, meanwhile the engineers are encouraged to share, analyze and apply the new technology in their daily works. Thus the experiences in manufacturing technologies enable us to provide comprehensive consultations on technical matters to our customers. Whether you come to us with a freehand drawing or a 3D CAD rendering, we'd help develop and refine your design to take advantage of all the benefits of iron casting. At any time, our engineers would be happy to answer the questions which you might concern about:

· what are the most suitable technology and process for my part?

· which is the best casting material for my part that meets the performance requirements and balance the cost as well?

· How does the part need to be made?

· how long I'd have to wait until the first product is available?

· How many cores are required?

· How are the cores held in place?

· Does the draft need to be added?

· Are there isolated heavy sections, and, if so, how can we address them so they stay solid?

· Can the design be improved to reduce or simplify machining?

· ...

We'd like to hear your advice and feedback and exchange opinions.

Our engineering team promises to respond to your question whin 24 hours, please send an email to us:  or

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Email us with any questions or inquiries or use our contact data.

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