The Characteristics and Application Scope of Squeeze Die Casting Compared with Die Casting

Ⅰ. About the squeeze die casting

Squeeze die casting is a casting method in which alloy liquid is formed and solidified under mechanical pressure. During squeeze die casting, large mechanical pressure is applied to the liquid (or semi-solid) metal poured into the mold cavity to permit it to form, crystallize, solidify, feed and accompanied by a small amount of plastic deformation. This technique is also known as liquid metal die forging, liquid metal stamping, liquid metal forging, punch pressure crystallization, etc. Squeeze die casting is a newly developed method combining casting and forging advantages.

Ⅱ. Characteristics of squeeze die casting compared with die casting

Compared with die casting, squeeze die casting has the following characteristics: 1. During squeeze die casting, liquid metal is directly poured into the mold cavity without passing through the gating system, with less suction, and the casting can be heat treated; 2. There is no gating system in squeeze die casting, so the liquid metal is filled under pressure, then crystallized and solidified with a good feeding effect, fine grain size, and dense and uniform microstructure; 3. Simple die structure of squeeze die casting permits low processing cost, long service life, and high utilization rate of metal.

Ⅲ. Application scope of the squeeze die casting

Nowadays, squeeze die casting has been used to produce various castings of aluminum alloy, copper alloy, cast iron and other cast steels. The squeeze die casting technique of copper alloy has been relatively mature, which can be applied to all kinds of cast bronze and brass. The products include castings such as solid gears, turbines and pipe joints, as well as electrical components and high-pressure valve bodies with complex shapes.

The past decade has witnessed the rapid development of squeeze die casting of ferrous alloys. The production of iron castings include brake hub, pipe joint and gear, especially the casting iron pan for daily use, which has thin and uniform wall, good quality and high output. The steel castings include ordinary mechanical parts and ordnance parts, such as forging die, wheel disc and missile parts.

At present, squeeze die casting research is focusing on the squeeze die casting of non-ferrous alloy castings with large force and complex shape, and continuously improving the service life of ferrous metal squeeze casting die. Combining squeeze die casting with other techniques, such as extrusion and vibration, contributes to refining the alloy microstructure and improving the casting properties; With further developed new materials, squeeze die casting, as a promising technique, possess advantages of low production cost, good properties and high strength and is easy to master techniques in the production of composite parts.

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