What is the Aluminum Die Casting?

Ⅰ. Aluminum die casting

The aluminum die casting process can usually produce tens of thousands of castings in rapid succession. The mold must be divided into at least two parts in order to disassemble the casting. At the beginning of the casting cycle, the two half molds are clamped tightly together by the die casting machine. The molten aluminum is injected into the mold cavity and solidifies quickly. The two half molds are installed in a machine, one of which is fixed and the other is movable. After casting, the mold is pulled apart and the casting can be taken out.

Next, Shanxi Rayforce Manufacture Co., Ltd., as a professional aluminum die casting manufacturer, will share the advantages of aluminum die casting with you.

Ⅱ. Advantages of aluminum die casting

The most important reason why the aluminum die casting is popular is that it can produce light-weight parts while maintaining the same strength. In addition, because it can withstand higher temperatures than other non-ferrous metal materials, the surface treatment of aluminum die castings will also have more options. Moreover, aluminum die castings have strong corrosion resistance, good electrical conductivity, and good rigidity and strength. The aluminum die casting process is based on rapid production, which can quickly produce a large number of die casting parts, and is more cost-effective than other casting processes. All in all, the aluminum die casting process has the following advantages.

1. Lightweight and durable

2. Good strength-to-weight ratio

3. Strong corrosion resistance

4. Good conductivity

5. Recyclable and reusable

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