The Task and Importance of Process Design of Investment Casting Technology

1. Understand the introduction of investment casting technology

Investment casting technology usually refers to the casting program of making a pattern in fusible materials, covering the surface of the pattern with several layers of refractory materials to form a shell, and then melting the pattern out of the shell to obtain a mold without a parting surface, which can go through processes of sand filling and casting after high-temperature roasting. Because patterns are widely made of waxy materials, investment casting technology is often referred to as "lost wax casting".

The types of alloys that can be produced by investment casting technology include carbon steel, alloy steel, heat-resistant alloys, stainless steel, precision alloys, permanent magnet alloys, bearing alloys, copper alloys, aluminum alloys, titanium alloys, and ductile iron.

The shape of investment casting parts is generally complicated. The minimum diameter of the holes that can be cast on the investment casting parts can reach 0.5mm, and the minimum wall thickness of the casting parts is 0.3mm. In production, some parts that were originally composed of several parts can be designed to become integral parts by changing the structure of the parts, and they can be directly cast by investment casting technology to save processing man-hours and consumption of metal materials. And the structure is more reasonable. So, what are the commonly used methods in investment casting technology?

2. The task and importance of process design of investment casting technology

Investment casting technology is a low-cutting or no-cutting casting process. It was also called lost wax casting in the past. Because the casting parts produced by the investment casting technology technology are better than those by other casting methods in terms of dimensional accuracy and surface quality. In addition, investment casting technology can complete the production of some complex and difficult-to-process casting parts, so it is deeply loved by enterprises.

In the entire investment casting technology process, the process design of direct investment casting technology is one of the most important links. This link has a large technical difficulty coefficient and plays a very important role in the entire investment casting technology process. This is also the reason why this link is mostly carried out by professional and technical people.

Like other casting process design, the process design tasks of investment casting technology are:

(1) According to specific requirements, analyze the manufacturability of the structure of casting parts;

(2) Plan a reasonable process plan, determine the relevant casting process parameters, and draw a casting drawing on this basis;

(3) Design the pouring system and determine the module structure. Except that the specific data is slightly different due to the process characteristics of investment casting technology, the design principle is exactly the same as that of sand casting. Since the process design link of investment casting technology is of great significance to the entire casting process, and this link has very high requirements on the quality of the designers themselves, enterprises should pay considerable attention to this link.

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