What Are the Characteristics of Low Pressure Casting Process?

1. About the low pressure casting process

In the casting process of aluminum alloy castings, the most common is low pressure casting. Low pressure casting provides good quality assurance for parts such as automobile wheels, and its irreplaceable advantages have been recognized by the majority of automobile manufacturers. The low pressure casting method has been used for decades, especially in aluminum alloy castings. Low pressure casting is a powerful mainstream method that can increase the strength of materials and improve their properties. Low pressure casting is a very practical casting method. The casting quality of the casting is good, and the method has a high degree of automation.

The basic principle of low pressure casting is mainly to push the molten soup into the mold by applying pressure, and gradually solidify the molten soup by slowly filling. The solidification of the gate part is the time when the pressure is applied. A casting solidified in this way will be perfect. The solidification direction starts from the gate direction and does not conflict with the pressure. Meanwhile, it is not disturbed by the pressure, and the solidification process and cooling are naturally completed smoothly.

2. Characteristics of low pressure casting process

Low pressure casting mainly adopts bottom injection type filling, which can not only ensure the stable filling of the molten metal but also effectively avoid the interference of the space on the molten metal and the formation of quality defects after the casting is formed. Under pressure, the castings are of high quality, smooth surface, and have excellent performance. At the same time, low pressure casting greatly reduces the labor intensity. The environment is better, and the equipment is convenient and practical. Compared with other casting methods, low pressure die casting has certain characteristics and also has very distinct process characteristics.

Compared with ordinary casting, low pressure casting can use metal molds, sand molds, stone grinding molds, etc. Its application range is very wide, so the low pressure casting method has many advantages that the ordinary casting method has. Low pressure casting is suitable for non-ferrous and ferrous metals, which is unattainable by many ordinary casting methods. The Rayforce low pressure pouring and filling are very stable, mainly using the bottom construction method, and the pressure and speed can be flexibly adjusted. Under the action of pressure, the molten metal solidifies very fully, and the utilization rate is high. The fluidity is good and the quality of the casting is improved. The more complex the casting, the more it can show its advantages.

Compared with die casting, low pressure casting can be used to manufacture various types of castings and the heat treatment can be flexibly carried out according to the actual situation. It can be used to manufacture thin-walled castings as well as thick-walled castings. In the casting process, the interference of air can be fully avoided and high-quality castings can be obtained with a smooth surface, fine structure, and few bubbles. Moreover, the mechanical properties of castings are very outstanding with many types, fineness, and low cost.

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