What Are the Advantages of Lost Wax Investment Casting?

Ⅰ. About lost wax investment casting

The wax loss investment casting technology has developed rapidly because of its many advantages. There are few restrictions on the type, shape, size and design of lost wax investment casting products. Engineers choose loss of wax investment casting or investment casting because it gives them the flexibility to develop complex designs without worrying about shrinkage and post-treatment finishes.  

Ⅱ. The advantages of lost wax investment casting

1. Smooth finish. Because the molds for lost wax investment casting are made of ceramic, the products produced can be transported or installed after casting. The average roughness (RA) of lost wax castings is about 125, which is the average of surface peaks and valleys of finished products.  

2. Production turnover. One of the key factors in modern manufacturing is turnaround time, as products must be mass-produced in a short period of time. Because lost wax investment casting parts do not require finishing, parts can be produced and transported quickly, which further helps reduce handling and labor.  

3. Affordable tools. The initial lost wax casting cost of any manufacturing process is equipment and machinery. Lost wax investment casting uses less expensive equipment and is therefore less dangerous. The basic process uses four machines, but additional equipment can be added.  

4. All kinds of metals. There are few restrictions on the types of metals that can be used for lost wax investment casting. Metal types include bronze, stainless steel, alloy steel, iron, aluminum and copper. The wide selection provides engineers with many options when designing parts. It also makes the process applicable to any industry.  

5. Production costs. Because less manpower is required for lost wax investment casting, labor costs are significantly reduced. Loss of wax requires fewer resources and less time, which is a major cost factor. The fact that parts do not require post-processing further reduces costs. These basic factors help reduce the cost of high-quality parts. Because lost wax investment casting does not require finishing or post-treatment, waste is radically reduced.  

6. The complexity and intricacy of design. Lost wax investment casting parts are light in weight, with complex features and fine details. Engineers have great design flexibility, from the type of metal they choose to the complexity of the design. The parts are produced as a single unit without joints or flaps, which makes the parts more durable and less prone to breakage or poor performance. From the first part to the last part, each part has the same size and configuration.

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