Key Points and Application Range of Investment Casting Technology

Brief Introduction of Investment Casting

Investment casting refers to the process of making a model with wax, wrapping it with a layer of refractory material such as clay, heating it to melt the wax and create an empty shell made of refractory material. molten metal is then poured into the empty shell, and after the metal has cooled, the refractory material is broken to obtain the metal mold. This method of processing metal is called precision casting, also known as Investment Casting or Lost Wax Casting. Relevant information can be found in vacuum investment casting process. Investment casting can produce complex castings of various alloys, especially high-temperature alloy castings. For example, the blades of jet engines have streamlined contours and cooling cavities, which can hardly be formed by mechanical processing.

Advantages of investment casting

Precision casting, also known as Investment Casting, has the following advantages compared with other castings like silica sol casting and component-forming methods:

In summary, Investment Casting has the advantages of small investment scale, large production capacity, low production cost, simplified process for complex products, and quick investment returns. It enjoys a favorable position in competition with other processes and production methods.

Key points and scope of investment casting

Investment casting has a wide range of applications, and just like semi solid die casting, precision casting is used in almost all industrial sectors, especially in the electronics, petroleum, chemical, energy, transportation, light industry, textiles, pharmaceuticals, medical equipment, pump, and valve industries.

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