Different Types and Properties of Moulding Sand

Ⅰ. The source of moulding sand

Moulding sand is generally granular elements from coasts, rivers, lakes, deserts and rocks. Moulding sand is mainly divided into natural sand and synthetic sand. The natural sand contains enough binder to be used for casting molds. In terms of the synthetic sand, it is made by mixing basic sand (85% to 91% silica sand, 6% to 11% binder, 2% to 8% water or moisture content) and other additives and grinding them in a certain proportion in appropriate equipment.

Ⅱ. Different Types of Moulding Sand

There are many types of moulding sand, which can be divided into the following types according to their use.

1. Bottom sand or ground sand

2. Core sand

3. Dry sand

4. Mould surface sand

5. Green sand

6. Loamy sand

7. Parting sand

8. System sand

Ⅲ. Properties of moulding sand

Different types of moulding sand have different properties. Generally speaking, their properties include the following:

1. Adhesion

2. Cohesiveness

3. Collapsibility

4. Liquidity

5. Dry strength

6. Green strength

7. Permeability

8. Refractoriness

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